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basic tags
~ THOUGHT how ~story ~goal ~task ~rule ~name ~term ~title ~feature ~wave ~spirit
$ PLACE where $home $google.com $another world $body $front
@ TIME when, how long @now @today @21.07. @2020.05.22 @2020.05.22.04.pm @2020-07-21 @2020 @y20 @we @12-4am @1h 2w 2week @mo-fr @mo,we,fr
^ ENTITY who ^my mom ^dog ^some company ^money ^spirit ^angel
# THING what #body #food #phone #workshop #project
! ACTION do, happened !meet !call !feed
combination marks
. gap clutch #hummer.reborn $mount.everest @2020.07.01 @2020.w27
... block clutch this is a sentence ... this is a sentence
: more resolution ^entity:woman $book:page21 ~task:done @2020:07:01 @2020:w27
"" group "^apple ^steve.jobs ^steve.wozniak"
" citation some thought" ^bg
|| separator "or" something || something
+ separator "and" #car+house+bike "#gold car + nice house + sport bike"
, separator "one of" #car,house,bike "#gold car, nice house, sport bike"
<> separator "versus" something <> something
+ growth +10h, 10h+
- decline -10h, -10h
>> output something >> result >> sum
< until <@now
Q question Q is that it?
A answer A yes it is

About definition

Developed over more than 1decade for quick visual recording and subsequent text search. Easy to remember, usable on any media platform - notes, messages, emails, social networks, websites, most in file names, and even paper.